Why Do More Top Earners Use EnergyGoldRush Than Any Other Tool?

An Infinitely Faster & Easier Invitation...

Can you ask for 5 minutes?

Marriage proposals don’t work well on a first date. In a similar way it can be tough to expose prospects to Ambit Energy by driving them straight to a live meeting. Even if you're using DVDs or an online presentation, people are often distracted and stop watching long before they get to the good stuff.

What if you only had to ask for 5 minutes? Is there anybody on your prospect list that you could not share the Ambit opportunity with if this was the case? Rejoice because this is now possible!

The EnergyGoldRush system features our exclusive intro video that touches on EVERY aspect of the Ambit savings and income opportunity in just 5 minutes. After capturing your prospects attention here, you will find it's about a thousand times easier getting them to the next step... a full blown presentation.

An Exponentially More Effective Presentation...

Twice the power in half the time!

Our exclusive 15 Minute Presentation covers every aspect of the Ambit opportunity complete with real bill examples and the most visually compelling comp plan explanation ever developed. Along the way our video annotations keep your prospects updated on the latest Ambit promotions and tease them about the bonus downloads page made available upon video completion.

What You Get & How It Works...

The Landing Page

is where your prospects see the 5 Minute Intro video designed to pique their interest after which they are directed to opt-in for immediate access to the full presentation along with bonus downloads including free energy bills and media downloads.

Check it out here:

The Presentation Page

is where your prospect is immediately directed after opting-in on your landing page. Here your prospect is immediately greeted with the EGR 15 Minute (All States or Texas) Presentation video after which they are given access to our bonus downloads page with over 30 real free energy bills and 6 media reprints.

Check it out here: www.demo.EnergyGoldRush.com/presentation

The Training Page

is where you can send your new consultants to go through the 526 Blitz Training System which has been designed to dramatically simplify and accelerate the getting started process. This is an option step... the only way your prospects will see this page is if you manually send them a link to it.

Check it out here: www.demo.EnergyGoldRush.com/training

Why Steve Thompson Uses EnergyGoldRush

The most important way to introduce people to this business is to have a systems approach & the simplest system to expose people to Ambit Energy is EnergyGoldRush.

Steve Thompson, Purple Jacket National Consulant

Additional points to consider...

  • Instant site setup

    Your site will be setup immediately upon signup

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Prospects can switch between Spanish & English

  • 100% Mobile Friendly "Responsive" Design

    Website and videos are iPhone, iPad, smartphone & tablet compatible!

  • Email Notification

    Email notifications notify you of prospect interest so you can follow up while they’re hot!

  • Corporate Approved

    Everything you need 100% compliant all the time.

  • Open for ALL teams

    Ambit consultants everywhere are welcome to purchase and use EGR

  • Get your EGR free with our referral program!

    It’s super simple… just refer 3 and get yours free! Referrals are tracked from the signup link on your training page.

  • [Advanced] Use Your Own Videos

    [Advanced] We don’t recommend it, but if you need to bypass the default video selection you can use any YouTube or Wistia hosted video you want.

  • [Advanced] Email Autoresponder Integration

    [Advanced] We don’t recommend this except for the technically inclined, but we provide the option to replace the standard opt-in form with a custom script.

  • [Advanced] 100% Site Customization

    [Advanced] We’ve tested every word and placement on the site for optimal response, but if you want to over-ride the defaults, you can customize almost anything on the site.

Yes, I'm Ready To Accelerate My Ambit Business!

$10/month | Cancel Anytime | Refer 3 Get Yours Free*

* Simply refer (and maintain) three referrals and your EGR is free! Referrals are tracked through the signup link in step three of your training page


What Other Ambit Consultants Are Saying...


Yes, I'm Ready To Accelerate My Ambit business!

$10/month | Cancel Anytime | Refer 3 Get Yours Free*

* Simply refer (and maintain) three referrals and your EGR is free! Referrals are tracked through the signup link in step three of your training page


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